D&D 2E: Answering the Call

End of Campaign

The Return

The party exits the temple, leaving what was once a standing shrine in utter ruin. The voice dissipates from your ears and you are able to think more clearly now. You make your way down the makeshift ladder, carefully lowering Draylia’s body to the ground below. You gather gear near the stream’s bridge and Thoben leads Wibur over to where Draylia’s body now rests. Zurn and Marcus lift Draylia’s body over Wiburs back and carefully bind her to keep her stable. Tethroril says a few words while resting his hand and her blood soaked head. Zurn notices that Draylia’s torso and legs bend in uncommon locations as most of her bones have been crushed under the weight of the oaken wood beams.

The party begins the short trek back down the pass towards Candlekeep. Sadebreth, Tethtoril and Marcus walk together and have lengthy discussions about past events as they plan for the return to Candlekeep.

Upon your return, the party is ushered into a western ward in which, until now, none of you have entered before. Tethtoril directs several avowed to attend to Draylia’s body. He then calls upon the party and Marcus to follow him into a small hall while directing another avowed to find Ulraunt, Keeper of the Tomes.

Ulraunt arrives with The Guide, The Gatewarden and Four Watchers. Over the next several hours, information is openly exchanged as the party and others begin to piece together past events. Ulraunt remains quiet for most of the conversation, only speaking to ask questions or bring the discussion back on subject. During the conversation, Tethtoril requests that Life’s Ritual be performed on Draylia in the Candlekeep temple. Ulraunt agrees but, in light of the new information, wishes to force another matter as soon as possible. They begin to plan the logistics for removing the current residents of Candlekeep Temple including the removal of Aboil, Council to Ulraunt and the rest of the Waterdeep clergy. This is a surprising turn of attitude in Ulraunt but you can see the relief upon Tethtoril’s face among others. Plans are made to escort the clergy from Candlekeep and the Gatewarden and watchers leave to prepare.

That evening you watch as the clergy are escorted out the main gates of Candlekeep along with a team of horses and wagon holding their belongings.


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