Q'uoorin Mineshadow

7th Level, Fighter Dwarf (Brad)


Gruff and quick to action. Quoorin also known as “Q” is short tempered and fast to make accusations. He also considers himself to be judge, jury and if needed executioner.


“As you climb up towards the top of the airship you wonder how you ever ended up here. How did a dwarf end up out of the mountain, out of the foothills, across the plains, on a ship along the coast and now onto an airship? You haven’t met a dwarf since you set foot onto the plains except for two drunken commoners in Seeheim. Why do you not even miss your kinsmen? Why are you different? Since childhood you have longed to leave the safety of the mountain. You longed for fresh air, fresh riches and fresh challenge. You left your mountain home long ago and never looked back. Your clan didn’t understand your actions, they labeled you as succumbed to the underworld, influenced by evil. Even your family seemed to turn on you for you aspirations. But, you knew you are meant for something more and decided to set out on your own. You awoke early and made your way up the passages of the great underground, past the forge and beyond the withering tunnels. You emerge upon a snowy peak. A golden sun shined down upon the snow filled valley as you felt the crisp air bring new life into your body. Just before you set out, you hear a wet-stone scrape across metal. You turn to see your father sharpening his double bladed axe. How did he know? He says nothing. He stands, hands you the axe and walks towards the tunnel and is gone. You peer at the double bladed axe and wonder what it has seen in his hands. You wonder what it will see in yours.”

From the Dawnforge Mountains in the Nentir Vale.
Your clan, family and father looked to Clanggedin Silverbeard for guidance in battle.

Q'uoorin Mineshadow

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