D&D 2E: Answering the Call

Session 6 - Draylia's Journal Entry

I don’t have much time to make note as my concentration is quite taxed at the moment, but I had to write down what has transpired since we left the cave. I don’t know exactly how our journey will go but in case we meet an untimely end, I will write my thoughts down for the next adventurer to find. We are currently aboard ship, aloft once again but this time in a much different sky than before…everywhere we look is grey…but I digress, I will start from where I left off.

We awoke in the cave after fleeing the castle (and dragon!) to find a calm and peaceful morning…but also with Thoeben nowhere to be seen. I had no idea where he had gone but he had taken his things and Wilbur and left before the rest of us woke for the day. Whatever he is up to I trust him to do the right thing, he seems like the sort that won’t leave you on your back with a chimera on top of you! The rest of us check out things and head out for the day. It’s a surprisingly nice day, not as cold as it has been, a clear sky…and no dragon to be seen. The bad part is with such nice weather it also makes us an easy target…which is why I continually keep a close eye on the skies! I had memorized several spells for the day but hoped that they would be of use. It is continually pulling at me, having these several highly magical spellsbooks so close to me but no time to go through them!! I was exhausted the night before and it was all I could do to get enough sleep to be able to work with the spells i already know.

Finally near the end of the day we came across the ship, but before we got there we could hear a commotion, kind of like a growling. Q snuck up there to get a better look but one of those white wolves from before came out of nowhere and pounced on him, pinning him to the ground. He fought as any dwarf would, all yelling and flailing about, but he did a decent job keeping the wolf distracted for the rest of us to attack. As you would expect there was more than one, and one nearly ripped my head off! I did receive a wound from one but it wasn’t until we got to the boat that I really thought my journey was over, for good. We made it to the ship and saw Bilge on the ground after fighting with a white wolf, we dispatched several of them but 2 had lost all heart to fight and attempted to flee. Markain wouldn’t allow that to happen as she used her sling to brain one of them as it ran away. Q threw his axe to stop the last one but it was too far out of reach and it barely escaped with it’s fur intact. On the ship we found Thoeben in the cabin with Marcus, who looked sicker than ever. He explained to us that he had scouted ahead that morning, and that he had sent Wilbur off to be safe because of the wolves. We had briefly seen him run by when approaching the ship and had no idea where he was going. We healed up a bit in the cabin and then went to tackle our last problem…there seemed to be one wolf left. Down in the hold was one more, it seemed preoccupied with something, we assumed Lucky who was stuck down there. I fail to see how one could name a 3 legged dog “lucky” but I haven’t always understood the humor the humans seem to have in abundance. We attempted to kill the wolf and that is when disaster struck. I was standing near the edge attempting to use my staff as I had exhausted all offensive spells…but the wolf got a lucky jump and made it up top with enough time to use it’s breath weapon on me. The elven cloak I picked up in town is good for hiding but not so good for repelling the elements…I took a full blast of cold that knocked me to the brink of death. If not for the healing abilities of my teammates I would not be here to write this entry.

After I was awoken I felt very tired but was happy to be alive. We skinned the wolves and took their eyes, teeth and claws in case they could be sold or used as a reagent for a spellcrafted item. We lifted off and were on our way heading back to deliver the books and had a bit of time to rest. I also had a chance to read through one of the less magical spellbooks and learned four new spells to add to my spellbook. There are more in there as well as in the few other books I have, but I will have to get a good solid week of sitting down with them to see if there are any I can scribe or memorize yet. I was happy to learn the ones I could though in such short time.

We landed back in town and went to deliver the books to the sage. On the way we found a wanted poster with our likeness, but we weren’t too worried as it was rough and we had no plans to hang around. We met the sage and he was excited to see the 7 Dove tomes. As our payment he gave us 7,000 worth of gems and jewels, at least we hope so. Honestly we didn’t count it, we were pretty set on getting out as quickly as possible. He also sent with us a guide named Abbot Vuloto, a disciple there at the temple. He sent with us a Scroll of Astral Translation as well to get us to the astral plane…and that brings us near where we are…

We took the ship up in the air after making haste to get back to it, I cast the spell and the entire ship was translocated into the Astral Plane. It’s strange in here, but somehow peaceful and…forever…it seems this is the secret passage to …everywhere. If one only knew the route, this place could take you where you want to go. The ship is powered more or less by willpower and focus, and the entrance we are looking for will look obvious to Vuloto and I as we are both from that realm originally.

I must stop writing now, we just spotted a ship pursuing us with what appears to be attack positions and intentions. We are going to make ready for battle and see if we can’t neutralize this threat before they overtake us too much. In case I don’t make it, whomever reads this, pick up the sword of Corellon…let her speak through you…


Mini_Death Mini_Death

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