D&D 2E: Answering the Call

Session 4 - Draylia's Journal Entry

Well, everybody is making reading for bed so I figure it’s as good of a time as any to make a few quick entries in my journal. For starters, I hate the cold! Don’t get me wrong, cold-based spells are quite effective, but the cold in general just puts me in a sour mood. But anyway, I digress…

We left from the ship yesterday morning, right at dawn. We thought we were going to have a fight on our hands because Marcus seemed intent on going, but looked as if a strong breeze might fell him. Luckily we convinced him that he would only slow us down, as much as we would love to have him with ut. Whatever is going on with him needs resolution soon, else I’m afraid he won’t live to see too many more dawns (ironic I suppose). I will do everything in my power, and with Corellon’s blessing, to help him in his journey, I just hope it’s enough… Bilge stayed with the ship as is his normal routine, so at least Marcus is somewhat protected.

We headed out from the ship and trekked pretty much due east, slightly northeast. Thoben found a set of obviously human footprints that were hours old heading in the same direction we were traveling, so we figured we’d keep with them to see what we found. All we knew for sure was that we wanted to be quick and keep under cover when possible, we saw the great white wyrm in the sky as we flew in, there’s no need to draw the attention of that beast until absolutely necessary! As we made our way forward throughout the day, we came across another set of footprints, heavier footprints but not as fresh as the ones we were following. Those prints, both sets seemed to lead us to a small cave entrance, or hollow, something that would be handy to use to get out of the blasted winds! We saw upon approaching several dwarves frozen and somewhat broken…they look to have encountered a quick and frozen demise, probably from the breath of the dragon if I had to guess. Our fresh footprints led us to a human inside the cave, attempting to stay warm and getting ready to survive the upcoming frigid night. We spoke with him and seems he is a native of these lands. His family has been here forever and living happily until the recent invasion. It seems scores of ships with all manner of creatures have recently landed on the island…for what purpose we’ll see, but what we do know (a lesson our new friend found the hard way) is that they’re not friendly. An army of Bugbears eventually destroyed his village and everyone in it; he barely escaped with his life. His name is Zurn and we decided to take him on with us as well…he knows the land and seems like a decent enough person, although a bit too hairy in my opinion. I loaned him my saddle blanket to help keep him warm.

We decided to camp out in the cave last night as it was close to dark by the time we got there. We were trying to make it to the tower but after talking with Zurn it seems we were mistaken, the tower was several hours further than we expected. We decided to not risk it by night. The night was fairly uneventful and quite brief actually! We woke the next morning to the sounds of animals howling in the distance…Zurn informed us they sounded like Arctic Wolves (Winter Wolves?) and that we had better hurry, they were just like regular wolves only several times larger and much more vicious. We headed out in the direction he mentioned and eventually came across the tower. At first we didn’t see it as it has a persistent mirage spell covering the entire tower, but the closer we got the easier it was to see. Thankfully too as my feet were starting to get cold!! Behind us we could barely see the wolves, and suspected they were flanking and circling us, so we decided to head into the tower. The doors were broken open so it was no problem getting in. Into the first main room we found it in disarray and to our surprise, an Arctic Owlbear nested on the floor! He was a huge beast but we made fairly short work of him. We searched around the tower for the rest of the day, not finding much except for four bugbears that accidentally wandered into our path. They started out brave but after we dropped the first two, the other two took off running. We pursued and dispatched them quickly. Zurn was lucky to pick up a couple pieces of armor and a weapon, the native apparently has a resistance to the cold from living here his whole life and was wearing next to nothing!

We continued to look around the tower for the rest of the night and eventually came across the library, well, at least one library. I assume there are more than the one as this tower has been around longer than I’ve been alive, and knowing mages like I do, this wizard is bound to have a few well hidden but exciting secrets! In the library we found several books that had the dove symbol on them, indicating they belonged to the sage who hired us to retrieve his books. There are a few other book to note that are of interest, but the item that catches my eyes is the portal standing in the room. It’s obviously a better way in and out of this frozen wasteland than trekking though the snow and ice! Around the outer edge of this stone portal are symbols that look similar to the symbols I picked up from Ollen’s lockbox. Apparently the message writer knew they were for something but wasn’t’ sure what…now that I see an indented representation of the same items I have, carved into the stone archway…it all makes sense. We need to figure out how to divide the interwoven links into their own separate piece, then possibly use the other similar symbols on the table in the room, and put them all in their respective spots to hopefully open the portal. Or so I think…

So anyway, that’s where we’re at now…we have decided to camp the night in the library, it seems the most readily defensible place around, plus has many wondrous books on the wall and the portal we need to investigate further. I’m going to put my quill away now and work on the puzzle of disconnecting the symbols… if Corellon blesses me this night with patience and clear thought, I’ll have it done by the morrow.


Mini_Death Mini_Death

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