D&D 2E: Answering the Call

Session 3 - Draylia's Journal Entry

Well, we're back on the ship  now, headed for the new location of Winterskull.  It's been only a day since I have  written my thoughts down, but plenty has transpired to note! 


On the last night of our journey to Dragondown I was visited quite unexpectedly by Correllon.  I can't even believe I just wrote that down, just hearing myself say it seems surreal…  I've always known of Correllon of course, but never really found myself drawn towards anything divine; my interests have always been in the arcane.  But obviously no matter my thoughts, Correllon had thoughts of her own.  She visited me and offered me a grand adventure indeed.  She tasked me (if I were up for it) with pledging myself to her and Marcus' cause.  I accepted of course, and with my acceptance came a blessing from Correllon; I now have one more spell to use in our adventure to help us through.


Early morning we set the ship down into the water near Dragondown, it seemed like a good idea to sail in like all of the other ships, seems like that would  draw less attention.  We slowly sailed up to the dock and were tied off fairly easily.  I noticed on our right there was a boat hustling and  bustling around, seemed they were preparing for a grand adventure as well, but then again who isn't in this town?  The crew all seems like what you'd expect except this one guy…he seems a bit flamboyant, wearing a fancy shirt and looking somewhat classier than the rest of the dirty looking crew.  I figure he may be the coin behind the trip, but who  knows. 


Once we're tied off, Marcus goes out to meet the dock masters for a bit.  I can see a coin purse exchange hands, the typical "don't look , don't tell" policy like every town has.  Everybody seems to have a price.  The deckhands bring a big trunk out, it's pretty plain but judging by the grunting I'd say it's quite heavy.  We're told it's a payment of sorts to the sage for his help and knowledge.  I am highly  curious what is in there…i assume it's books of some sort as that seems to be what a sage would be most interested in!


Marcus came back onto the ship and informed us that he'd be visiting  with the sage sometime early afteroon and that he'd like to leave as soon as he could after that.  Until then we're free to roam around and get any supplies we need.  I know i need to get a couple spell components and would  like to visit the two shops Ollen mentioned.  We still have a couple items to sell and in a big town  like this, there are bound to be some good items to purchase that may help us on our trip!


Thoeben mentioned  to me that he was feeling a bit of a connection while we were in the air, and even more so now that we're on the ground.  He feels it back the way we came, and he instinctively knows it is from his horse he released before we boarded the air ship.  He seems pretty distracted with the sensation and is itching to go investigate, but we need to deal with our stuff in town as well so we're going to head out and do that.  He mentions his visit from Mielikki as well, seems she has chosen him as Correllon has asked for my assistance.  This really has me wondering what is going on…there's something much bigger than us afoot.  For two Gods to come to us like that, both beseeching us to help Marcus…it just reinforces to me that whatever his path is, I will stay with him and do everything within my power to help him regain communion with his god.


On the way off  the ship we notice one of the sehands onboard is acting strange…which  doesn't surprise me, I thought that  was pretty much  normal behavior for the less civilized humans.  Markain said that she noticed Lucky was not happy with this person…and since I know that animals can sometime sense a persons nature better than we can, maybe it's something worth checking into.  At the very least we should keep our eyes on him.  I'm a bit wary that there is something demonic going on since we detected evil on Eric…it annoys me that we haven't been able to figure out what it is yet.  We asked Ollen  about the strange acting crew member, he said he'd look  into it but later on when we spoke to him again, he didn't seem to think anything was amiss.


We went to Niserie's shop, there was an overly exuberant gnome working the counter, as well as another in the shop working with him.  He seemed very friendly and excited as gnomes typically are, especially when there's coin to be made!  I notice he has a decent selection of stuff  on the walls as well…a shame i don't have more gold on me, I'm sure i could find something of use!  He lowballs us on the weapons we want to sell so we went next door to the Naga's Quill.  This place is  fantastic, tons of scrolls and such.  We ask the friendly  human female proprietor about buying  the weapons, she calls a young girl out front (her daughter i assume?) and this girl laid her hands on the weapons for a bit with her eyes closed, then whispered to her mom something.  I'm not sure exactly what the child  did or what she is, but she apparently has a gift of some sort that has come in quite handy working in a merchant shop!  Her mom offered us a decent deal for the weapons so we took it.  We headed back over to see the gnome to see if he had any gear that would be helpful for us heading to a colder clime.  At the Naga's Quill the woman said he was the best shop in town for gear, so we're headed back!  We talked to him for a bit and tried to get a good deal on a couple of fur cloaks, but he was wanting 4000gp for one, which was a bit out of our price range, but he was quite interested in our captive on board.  He has us go in the back room to discuss Eric, and i can't believe how much stuff he has stored there…nearly everything in there appeared to be of a magical nature!  Niserie seemed very interested in Eric…he said he'd be willing to make it worth our while.  He said simply for bringing him there for him to see he'd give  us one of the cloaks we were eyeing, so we figured it was at least worth that.


We headed back to the ship to talk with Eric, to tell him what we were thinking about doing.  He acted tough as usual until we mentioned Niserie's name and the fact that he was wanting to trade for him.  Eric turned as white as a ghost…obviously he knew what was in store for him.  We were somewhat torn as to what to do…we didn't want to just turn Eric over to the wolves since we didn't know much about Niserie or what he wanted with him, but at the same time we didn't feel we could trust Eric either.  Thoeben came up with the idea to use his divine powers to augary for an answer.  After his spell was cast, it led us to believe that turning him over to Niserie was the best path before us.  So Q, happily i might add, sat on Eric and forced him to swallow a few drops of a liquid we got from the gnome.  He passed out right  away and we carried  him in a sack off of the boat to a cart-boy.  We paid him to cart the "bag" near the  gnome's shop but not quite there.  Q carried the package the rest of teh way to the shop.  Once inside the gnomes ushered everyone else from the store and locked the doors.  We turned  him over in exchange for several items that will help us on our trip to Winterskull and  beyond.  I received a very nice Cloak of Elvenkind, Thoeben acquired some nice new leathers and Markain and Q both received the wonder Cloaks they had been eyeing.  Markain also sold her cave fisher spinnerets for a nice profit and picked up a useful halfling pipe that will heal her when needed!  I attempted to find some nice cold resistant gear but had no luck, i guess my new clothing will have to suffice!  If all else fails, I could use my spells to keep us heated. 


We went back to the ship and met Marcus, the travelled with him to the Sage's shop.  He explained to us that in order to help Marcus out we'd first need to get these books.  And, this may mean we'll have to find an archwizard in Winterskull, and possibly a dragon as one was there last he knew.  I'm excited of course as i'd love to rummage around an archwizards tower or dragon lair, imagine all of the stuff you could find that has been hoarded away for centuries!  Although it  will be quite dangerous, the most dangerous adventure i've ever been on… After this, our path will lead us to somehow travel through the Astral plane into my home plane of Abeir-Toril the sage says.  He doesn't  know of my paths to get here, nor do the others in my company, but listening to him speak of Candlekeep has kindled a fire in me, an excitement i've been looking for.  Apparently the knowledge that may help marcus could be found in Candlekeep.  I plan to tell my tale to my fellow adventurers as we sail these next few days to Winterskull.  I've always been hesitant to speak of this to anyone for fear of being cast out, but i feel this is an integreal part of our quest and withholding this information will only hurt our chances.  This may help me figure out how to get home…whether or not i want to stay home is another matter, but it'll be nice knowing either way.


We left the sage's library and went back to the boat, Ollen wasn't there and Marcus was about ready to leave, but he was short handed and needed us to help sail out.  We were about ready but needed to tend to Thoeben's growing feelings in his chest…his horse was out there somewhere and he needed to find him.  We went to the edge of town and found locals trying to round him up, unsuccessfully…he ran over to greet Thoeben and both of them looked relieved  to find one another.  We all left and went back to the boat quickly after that as we knew Marcus was wanting  to get going, boarded and headed to Winterskull.


I have just sat down to right this journal entry and i plan to use the rest of the time to read up on Winterskull from a book i picked up from the Sage before leaving, as well as hoping i can talk Ollen into letting me copy a couple more spells from his book, now that i have a few more gold to spare. 




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