D&D 2E: Answering the Call

Session 1 - Player Session Notes

The adventures are traveling south along the coast towards Dragondown, answering the ”Call to Arms” posted in nearly every township in the kingdom.  Lord Rair, Ward of Northern Nerath has called upon every able bodied sailor, adventure and skilled worker.  A large force of demihumans have gathered on the Winterskull Islands and are planning to attack Nerath in force.  The adventures plan to join the main force which will set sail from Dragondown in hopes to strike the enemy in a huge offensive.


Before reaching Dragondown, the adventures stop in a small fishing village named Seeheim.  Dragondown being still a week away, the adventures decide to resupply and rest in Seeheim.  There is some discussion about selling the horses in Seeheim where they are in demand instead of Dragondown where everyone will be trying to sell them before boarding the ships. 


Upon entering the village the party notices and The Salty Sorrow Inn, a blacksmith, stable and a few boatwrights and wainwrights.  The fishing village is mostly comprised of fisherman and simple tradesmen.  Although they are approached by the stable master offering cheap boarding, the adventures decide to check out the Inn first.  They quickly earn free drinks by helping the Inn keeper clean up a broken keg mishandled by a couple of drunken dwarves named Fig and Biggs.  They are greeted by a friendly three legged, one eyed dog and meet a wayward wizard named Ollen the Dreamer and his pet hummingbird.   It seems Ollen feel overboard and is waiting for the crew to notice his absence and return for him.  Several toasts “to the dreamer” where heard that night.   


Later in the evening they find out that the Innkeepers' husband and son are late returning from their morning fishing trip.  They offer their assistance and head out to the docks to see if they can locate them.  First they stop at the blacksmith to purchase new horseshoes for one of their horses and met the half Orc blacksmith named Little Jed. 


After speaking to some locals they are able to rent a boat and head up the coast to search for the men.   “Q” discovered he had been the victim of a pick pocket as he is missing his coin pouch.  Half the party takes the boat and half follow on land.  Both groups keep within eyesight on each other as they travel north up the coast.


As they approached a wooded area next to the seaside cliffs they see something in the woods.  Upon further inspection they find two tethered horses.  The party members in the boat locate the Salty Sorrow fishing boat tied to rock formations about 60' off the coast.  The party gathered on land and after a very detailed search found tracks leading to the edge of the cliff.  They are where successful in finding a buried rope under a large bush.  They descended down the cliff to a cave entrance about 20' above the beachhead.  They entered cautiously and found two unlit and unused sconces and a tinderbox.  The party decides to proceed using their own light sources.  The cave passage opened up to a large interior room.  Hundreds of bats could be seen above and large deposits of guano where apparent on the cave floor.


Exploring the cave revealed several pit traps.  One was located by a successful “find traps” roll, another the hard way and more from a “detect traps” spell.  The spell also revealed a cave fisher attached high on an interior wall above a salt water pool.  Another cave fisher was found dead in one of the pit traps.  The valuable fibers where taken by the thief and the party set their focus on the living cave fisher.  They attacked the cave fisher with range weapons but many of the initial attacks feel short and the weapons fell into the pool.  The cave fisher after being threatened attacked the party’s druid and pulled him within melee range along the cave wall suspended above the cave floor.  The party acted quickly and the second round of attacks dispatched the cave fisher.  The druid and cave fisher fell into the water and where quickly recovered by the other party members.


As the party recovers from the skirmish and searches the pool one of the party members is shot from behind with an arrow.  Several humanoid creatures have entered the cave and surprised the party.  The party is able to overcome the threat and once again regains their composure.  Symbols on the attacker’s armor match the armor that they saw earlier in the blacksmith shop.  A concealed door to the west side of the cave was discovered and they decide to investigate but before they do they hear loud rumblings from behind the door.


The party made their way through another long passage and into another large cave interior room.  This time the room held several bedding areas, an open pit and a fire pit.  No other threats were found in the area but a tunnel to the south was collapsed, most likely from someone ensuring they were not followed.  The party finds the two missing men in the open pit, several leg shackles, two half empty barrels of ale, dry rations and a chest buried underneath the cave floor.  The chest contained a large amount of coins (69pp, 420gp, 13ep, 400sp, 1111cp) a magical broad sword (2), magical dagger (3), a gem encrusted platinum ring, writing materials and several well-oiled and well-crafted scroll tubes which contents have yet to be examined closely.


They return to Seeheim with the two men and make their way back to the inn.  They decide to camp outside of town for the night before deciding what to do next.  


How long have the orcs been here and why?

Who or what escaped out the back tunnel?

Why does the blacksmith have armor matching that of the kidnappers? 

Who are the kidnappers and why are they taking villagers? 

Who lifted the coin pouch while the party was in town? 

Who stole horses from the Stable?

Will Ollen's ride ever return for him? 

Will “Q” find out who stole his coin purse?


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